Why shouldn’t I look right into the sun? Why do you go to work? Was there really a time before the internet? How do I know that I’m real and not a dream of somebody else?

This is a work full of questions. Asked by young people. Answered anonymously by adults. Turned into a new work of performance by The Good Room in a theatre-turned-playground-turned-battleground.

Combining anonymous submission with high-impact image, the work pits Age against Experience in a conversation built around three key starting points: what you’ve been told, what you know to be true and what you want to believe.

From these beginnings, ‘I’ve Been Meaning To Ask You’ looks at how we scaffold our understanding of ourselves and the world: one truth, one myth, one omission at a time.

2018 – Developed with the support of Australian Performing Arts Market.

I’ve Been Meaning To Ask You is a performance model, designed to travel and work with ensembles of local young people.
Contact The Good Room to discuss how we can come to your town and create a performance tailor-made for your community.