XS Entertainment on Amy Ingram in Out Damn Snot
I first saw AMY INGRAM in 2011 at Metro Arts in the Metro Arts Allies’ & The Good Room’s stellar production of Nina Raine’s Rabbit, directed by Dan Evans. As Bella, Ingram was a one woman tour-de-force. As Mackenzie, in La Boite’s first production of 2013, Shake & Stir’s Out Damn Snot! she is hilarious. [read more]

The Weekend Edition on Daniel Evans
The sharp sense of humour and endearing turns of phrase that thread themselves through the prose of Daniel Evans have seen him collect a gaggle of fans spanning generations, demographics and chocolate tastes. Whether you’ve witnessed his work in a magazine or on the stage, you can usually pick it by the full-bodied hilarity that will have you checking your pants for pee patches. And now it seems even the state government agrees, with Daniel taking out the Queensland Premier’s Drama Award 2014–15 for his explosive play, Oedipus Doesn’t Live Here Anymore. [read more]

The Brisbane Times on Amy Ingram in Trollop
Brisbane actor Amy Ingram will head to New York after receiving state government funding for individual performing artists. The star of Queensland Theatre Company’s recent production Trollop is one of nine Queenslanders to receive up to $10,000 to pursue career development overseas. Ingram will study with the Lee Strasberg Institute in New York and do an internship with experimental theatre company Elevator Repair Service. [read more]

XS Entertainment on I Should Have Drunk More Champagne at MetroArts
Metro Arts opens its newly renovated space, the Basement, with I SHOULD HAVE DRUNK MORE CHAMPAGNE co- presented with celebrated Queensland independent collective, The Good Room. It’s the first production of Metro Arts’ flagship Season of the Independents. [read more]

Scenestr on I Want To Know What Love Is
Earlier this year local performance based collective The Good Room (Daniel Evans and Amy Ingram) asked you the general public — via the website — what they thought love was. The result is ‘I Want To Know What Love Is’, a new production directed by Dan with Amy appearing on stage, that opens next month.  It’s based entirely on the anonymous stories about all kinds of declarations of love that Dan and Amy received. [read more]